Trade name Universal System Inc.
Established November 2006
Address Head office
Odori Bus Center Blidg.2nd 3F
Cyuo-ku, Sapporo, 060-0051, Japan
TEL 011-200-8811
FAX 011-200-8812
Capital 15 million yen
Business contents 1. Operation and maintenance of IT equipment
2. Development of software and hardware of IT equipment
3. Sales of IT equipment and training of technical staff
4. Dispatch business of engineers
5. Any and all business incidental to the above
President Shigeru Asano
Employee 50 (Including contract employee)
Count of Foreign Employees 2
Main bank Hokkaido bank Higashi-sapporo branch
Hokuyo bank Sapporo-minamiguchi branch
Clients Leading dealer and maker, Leading software houses and system house, End-user

Business Contents
Operation and maintenance General-purpose computer
Medium small type computer
Network operation
Monotoring panel
Embedded software evalution
Operation and maintenance business Bank related areas
System managing related areas
Data center
Development languages .Net, Java, C, C++, Visual basic, Delphi, COBOL, RPG, etc
Development work Distribution industory
Medical related system
Public related system
Member organization Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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